Learn to coach people to discover the full power of their creative and innovative potential. While many traditional focus in career and life planning, our Certified Innovation Coaches help people apply proven innovative thinking processes, tools and techniques to real goals, challenges or problems in their personal and professional lives. Discover why the KnowBrainer Tool has become very popular among coaches around the world.

Goals & Learning Objectives

  • KNOW innovative coaching processes, methods and techniques to coach people to accelerate innovation and apply their whole brain
  • APPLY Questionation™ Coaching Process and KnowBrainer® techniques to achieve goals, overcome challenges and solve problems


  • 2-Day Accelerated & Creativity Innovation Training
  • 1-Day Coach Certification
  • Led by Certified Coaches and Gerald “Solutionman” Haman


  • Six 2-Hour Webinars
  • Four 90-Minute Coaching Consultations
  • Led by Certified Coaches and Gerald “Solutionman” Haman

Application Focus

  • Developing New Products & Services
  • Marketing & Selling Products & Services
  • Leading & Managing Innovators

Materials & Resources

  • 300-Page Coach Guide
  • 400 PowerPoint Slides
  • 15 KnowBrainer Tools
  • 6 Videos

Training Topics

  • Questionate-to-Innovate™
  • Obligate-to-Innovate™
  • Reciprocate-to-Innovate™
  • Relate-to-Innovate™
  • Cultivate-to-Innovate™
  • Imitate-to-Innovate™
  • Integrate-to-Innovate™
  • Concentrate-to-Innovate™
  • Fixate-to-Innovate™
  • Resonate-to-Innovate™
  • Rejuvenate-to-Innovate™
  • Coordinate-to-Innovate™
  • Update-to-Innovate™
Investment : $4,997
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