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Would You Like To Think Better, Faster and Smarter?

If you answered yes, then your solution is the KnowBrainer created by world renowned, Gerald “Solutionman” Haman. It’s a Proven, Easy-to-Use Tool that Will Help You Innovate Better, Faster, and Smarter. Introducing the…

“The Know Brainer is one powerful and easy to use idea generation tool.”

- Chuck Frey,

“The KnowBrainer has revolutionized my approach to all my endeavors.”

- Janice Shokrian, EVP, DemingHill

“The KnowBrainer tool can’t be beat.

- Kent Blumberg, Business and Effectiveness Coach

What is the KnowBrainer Innovation Tool?

The KnowBrainer® is a hand-held, fan-deck tool that helps you quick think better, faster and smarter – using hundreds of proven questions, words, quotes and images as inspiration.

  • Do you want to BE more creative?
  • Do you want to KNOW how to innovate faster?
  • Do you want to FEEL empowered?

If you answered yes, you need the KnowBrainer Innovation Tool!

The KnowBrainer’s integrated 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation® Process helps you generate, plan and organize ideas. The tool also helps you use your whole brain to generate up to 530% more ideas than traditional brainstorming.

It is not computer software, but “headware” that can be used anywhere. The 5-ounce, compact (just 2x 4.5 inches or 5.1 cm x 11.4 cm), and portable tool has 180 color-coded cards that use a proven innovation language.

Many people find the KnowBrainer tool is more valuable than traditional books or software on innovation.

How and Why Does the KnowBrainer Work?

The KnowBrainer works because it is designed to help you use your whole brain. Your brain is much more complex than traditional right and left brain models. Your brain actually has 4 quadrants and the KnowBrainer stimulates all 4 of them which inspire you to quickly develop innovative solutions.

The KnowBrainer uses carefully-researched stimulus to provoke your brain to be more creative and innovative. The tool’s innovation language is based on the biological structure of the human brain and Gerald “Solutionman” Haman’s 4-quadrant 4Brain Thinkers™ Model.

The tool is self-instructional and can be applied to a variety of goals, challenges or problems. University tests revealed the tool increases the volume of ideas generated by over 530% versus traditional brainstorming with flip charts.

Additional testing revealed that the tools unique content (questions, nouns, verbs, quotes and images) stimulated different parts and quadrants of the brain.  The following KnowBrainer card reveals the 6 different types of content in each Stage:

How Will the KnowBrainer Help You?

Create Breakthrough Ideas Everywhere, Everytime with Everybody. The tool has helped tens of thousands of people generate millions of ideas and it can help YOU. People have used the KnowBrainer tool to invent award-winning products or services.

Thousands of people have used the KnowBrainer to develop, sell, market and promote ideas.

Many people have used the KnowBrainer to plan meetings, events, conferences and conventions. Others have used to tool to develop plans that help people implement and execute ideas. Professors and teachers have used the KnowBrainer to teach students how to be more creative and innovative.

The KnowBrainer has also been used as a “textbook replacement” for a graduate level innovation course at Northwestern University.

If you need to save time or gain time, then the KnowBrainer is for you, your team, or your customers. If you need to increase profits or communicate more value, the KnowBrainer is for you. This card from the KnowBrainer reveals many ways the tool can help you:

Who Should Use the KnowBrainer?

Everyone Who Wants To Innovate Better, Faster & Smarter. The KnowBrainer was designed to be used by anyone for almost any purpose. It is based on how most human brains think, and therefore can be used in a variety of job situations, functions, professions and age groups.

The KnowBrainer is used by people in management, sales, marketing, public relations, communications, product and service development, finance and operations. Students and professors at several prominent universities and schools have found the KnowBrainer to be extremely valuable.

Many people use the KnowBrainer to prepare for entrepreneurial opportunities, change careers or find a new job. Coaches use the KnowBrainer to facilitate coaching sessions with clients and coach by phone. The uses are endless.

How Can You Record the Ideas You Generate With the Tool?

You can generate hundreds or thousands of ideas with the KnowBrainer. Therefore, you will want to record them with a computer, voice recorder, flip chart or blank paper. The KnowBrainer comes with a pad of professionally-designed worksheets and sample planners shown below.

How Do Other People Feel About Using Their KnowBrainer?

Made It Easy…

“The KnowBrainer tool has made it easy for our internal and international trainers to foster more creativity and innovation in our company throughout the world.”

- Andy Hines, formerly with Dow Chemical & Kellogg’s, Author of Thinking About the Future

Expert in Innovation…

“Gerald is an expert in the field of creativity and innovation. His KnowBrainer tool is second to none.

- Tracy Laverty, Owner, Laverty Consulting

I Never Leave Without It…

“The tool that has been indispensable has been the KnowBrainer from SolutionPeople. They call it an ‘accelerated innovation tool’ but I call it my project meeting lifeline.

I never leave for a meeting without it. I take most of my probing questions from it, and I evaluate most of my solutions against it.

It’s been my ‘secret weapon’ for coming up with creative ideas for the better part of a decade. I own 3 of these, and NEVER leave home without one in my computer bag. The KnowBrainer is simply the most effective creative brainstorming tool I’ve ever used. It’s worth every penny.”

- Dana VanDen Heuvel,

It’s Addictive…

“The KnowBrainer tool and techniques make thinking and problem solving fun and charming again, as it was in our youth… It’s addictive!”

- Jerry Meyerhoff, Distinguished Engineer formerly with Motorola

Simple Yet Effective…

“Gerald helped our newly created team at American Express to think about our values, vision and mission innovatively using the amazingly simple yet effective KnowBrainer.”

- Jenny Ta, Program & Strategy Manager, American Express

Brilliant New Initiatives…

The creation of the Know-Brainer, for example, sounds simple, yet from this basic tool we’ve worked out brilliant new initiatives for our companies that hadn’t existed before.

- Robert Jordan, President, Red Flash

This Is It…

“The KnowBrainer tool has given us a fresh way to focus on our challenges and to quickly break through “stuck” thinking. If you were to invest time in one area that would help your companies grow and compete - this would be it.

- Dana Montenegro, President, Seriously Creative, formerly with Red Bull

Most Valuable…

“The KnowBrainer (which I use every week) made for one of the most valuable training sessions in which I have participated. Our team generated well over a 1000 ideas.”

- Kevin Lawrence, Director of Information Insights, American Express

Deceptively Simple…

“The KnowBrainer is a deceptively simple tool to jump start and streamline the Innovation process from Investigation to Creation to Evaluation to Action. Gerald’s work is top-notch!”

- Christine Limb, President, Corporate Search & Solutions

Designed For Implementation…

“The KnowBrainer is more than an innovation tool; it’s a catalyst to zoom ideas into action. The KnowBrainer tool teaches a four-stage process for making innovation happen from identifying needs to generating ideas to assessing solutions, and to putting plans into action.

The beauty of the KnowBrainer tool is at every innovation stage, the tool asks you focused questions designed to better create, shape, evaluate, and activate the idea(s) for implementation.”

- John Moore, Brand Autopsy, formerly with Starbucks & Whole Foods

Amazing To Use…

 “I worked with Gerald’s tool “The KnowBrainer” card set before I ever met Gerald, which is so long ago I don’t want to admit it. The tool was and still is amazing to use for group dynamics and creating ideas.”

- Mary Kay Gaspar Laurent, Founder, Management Solution Strategies

Numerous Brainstorms…

“Using the KnowBrainer tool as a guide, I have led numerous brainstorms on dozens of client projects.
It will equip anyone facing a challenge to tackle it in a way that yields the best results and pulls from the far-reaching corners of their creativity and experience.”

- Tim Dyer, Creative Director, GMR Marketing

Methods Are Outstanding…

“The KnowBrainer methods for creative generation are outstanding, and I have always received worthwhile results.”

- Jaclene Tetzlaff, Vice President Marketing, Comcast Sports Network

More Testimonies click here

Here Is Just a Small Sampling of the Hundreds of Fortune 500 Companies that have Successfully used the KnowBrainer…

Who is “the Brain” Behind the KnowBrainer Tool?

Gerald “Solutionman” Haman developed the KnowBrainer to help you develop the full power of your innovative potential.

Gerald Haman, founder of, is recognized by clients as “Solutionman” because of his ability to quickly help people develop breakthrough solutions.

Solutionman gained international acclaim for establishing a world brainstorming record by facilitating 8,000 people in a Thinkathon® at the Singapore Stadium to generate 454,000 ideas in less than 60 minutes.

Since launching SolutionPeople over 20 years ago, Haman has helped clients generate more than 3 million ideas valued at over 3 billion dollars.  He helped one consumer products company generate over 50 million dollars in cost savings ideas alone.

Over 100,000 people in more than 100 countries around the world and all levels of organizations have benefited from Gerald Haman’s KnowBrainer Innovation System, including over 200 of the FORTUNE 500 companies. Over 50% of BusinessWeek’s Top 50 of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” have used SolutionPeople’s innovation products and services.

Haman was recognized as one of theMost Influential People Online by FAST Company Magazine’s Influence Project and selected to Fast Company’s “Brain Trust”. FORTUNE magazine recognized Gerald Haman for creating one of the world’s first innovation tools.

Haman has been profiled in over 50 major news publications including FAST Company, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Newsweek Japan, The Australian, Singapore Straits Times, the International Herald, US News & World Report and Investor’s Business Daily.

Haman is the acclaimed inventor of the KnowBrainer™ innovation tool that has proven to increase creativity by over 530%. He also created the world’s first innovative thinking Apps & eTools for the iPhones, iPads and iPods, and the FlashBrainer™ and Innovation Activator™ software programs.

Haman is the Founding Organizer of more than 30 Innovation Groups on and that comprise a worldwide community of over 300,000 members.  For more details on Gerald click here

What is the History of the KnowBrainer?

In 1987, Gerald Haman began researching thinking tools while a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. In 1989, he released one of the world’s first tools specifically designed to foster innovation.

That tool, called the Pocket Innovator, gained acclaim and was recommended by FORTUNE magazine. The latest Know Brainer is a culmination of Haman’s over 20 years of experience creating innovation tools that have been used by over 100,000 people around the globe.

The KnowBrainer is an evolution of proven tools which include the Pocket Innovator, Pocket Persuader, Pocket Problem Solver and customized tools such as Kraft’s Diamond Miner tool.

In 2009 history was made as over 100,000 of SolutionPeople’s innovation tools have purchased since the Haman introduced his first innovation tool. Haman continues to follow that advice of Abraham Maslow who advocated that people need a variety of tools. The following card from the KnowBrainer quote’s Maslow’s wisdom:

How Can You Become a Skilled Innovator With the KnowBrainer?

The KnowBrainer Tool is self-instructional; so all you need to do is follow the instructions printed on the tool! Below is the actual card that shows the simple 6-Step Directions.

The more you use the KnowBrainer, the faster you train your brain to use your whole brain. Practice leads to perfection. The more you use the self-instructional tool, the more you will appreciate its value, and realize it can be used to address a wide variety of goals, challenges, problems and questions.

See how simple it is to use with our mini online demo…

  • .


    Every good solution begins with a solid understanding of the problem.

    Begin expanding your mind by generating a broad array of different ideas. Get ready to record your answers, and select a prompt on the right to get started.

    Ask Yourself:

    What is needed, wanted or wished?


    • Motivations
    • Facts
    • Perceptions

    What If You:

    • Define
    • Redefine
    • Discover

    Think About:

    “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution; it is that they can’t see the problem.”
    - G.K. Chesterton

  • .


    Sink your teeth in. Generate as many ideas as you can, there’s no wrong answer (yet).

    Use the Create Stage to begin synthesizing fresh ideas. Follow the shape of the diamonds – generate plenty of ideas, and select the best to refine in the next stage.

    Ask Yourself:

    What is impossible to do today, but if it could be done, would change the situation?


    • Options
    • Possibilities
    • Emotions

    What If You:

    • Synthesize
    • Recycle

    Think About:

    “Creation comes before distribution – or there will be nothing to distribute.”
    - Ayn Rand

  • .


    Use the KnowBrainer’s proven prompts to crosscheck your ideas for feasability.

    The prompts in the Evaluate Stage are tuned to allow you to dissect your ideas from all angles. Identify what makes a solution the best fit for your goal or challenge.

    Ask Yourself:

    What are the potential evaluation criteria?


    • Strengths
    • Opportunities
    • Threats

    What If You:

    • Rank
    • Rate
    • Prioritize

    Think About:

    “Objections are expressions of interest.”
    - Zig Ziglar

  • .


    Confident you’ve now covered all angles, put the best into action in the final stage.

    The Activate Stage ensures that your inspiration gets the attention it needs. Now that you know which ideas are best, know how to best make them reality.

    Ask Yourself:

    What are potential obstacles or challenges, and how must they be overcome?


    • Communities
    • Relationships
    • Budgets

    What If You:

    • Implement
    • Realize
    • Inspire

    Think About:

    “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.”
    - G.K. Chesterton

  • .


    It’s time to step away from the drawing board and put your grand plans into action.

    Craving more? Feel free to use this demo as many times as you’d like, but for the full experience, you need your own KnowBrainer!

Many KnowBrainer users have found it to be valuable to attend webinars and workshops that help them learn the full power of the KnowBrainer and learn over 50 innovation techniques that use the KnowBrainer.

Everyone needs Gerald’s KnowBrainer workshop!”
- Jane Mall, Director of Corporate Relations, Northern Illinois University

“I’ve been to a workshop at the “Thinkubator” and it was fantastic. If you get a chance, definitely join Gerald Haman. That was over 10 years ago, and I still use the tips he shared.
- Sharon Fisher, IdeaSparker, Play with a Purpose

You can attend FREE webinars or training workshops for more advanced training. Training opportunities can be found on our Training Calendar by clicking HERE.

All KnowBrainer owners can download a FREE eBook that provides detailed instructions on the 5 most popular techniques including:

What Do You Get With A “COMPLETE” KnowBrainer System?

You get more than a tool, you get a complete INNOVATION SYSTEM. Your Innovation System includes tools, techniques, worksheets, planners, posters, bookmarks and eBooks.

Thousands of people from around the world have used the KnowBrainer to:

  • Invent products & services
  • Sell ideas
  • Start Businesses
  • Increase Sales
  • Improve quality & performance
  • Plan meetings and events
  • Manage projects
  • Create marketing & advertising concepts
  • Exercise brains
  • Cultivate leadership
  • Facilitate teams
  • Teach problem solving
  • Coach people
  • Write business plans
  • Author manuscripts
  • Develop technology
  • And More!!!

Examples of Real Life Success Stories…

  • Product Development

    A creativity team working on a new product line used my amazing innovation tool to develop a key component in the process. The product they created became the fastest selling mobile device to hit the market in nearly 10 years.

  • A Twist on a Classic

    A business group “stuck” in a brainstorming session used the same pocket sized creativity tool, and in just 3 minutes the team had a “breakthrough” idea for a fast-food concept. This innovative “sandwich” reaps in millions in profits.

  • Modern Training Methods

    A corporation in search of a more profitable “training” system used my tool’s proven process to educate their leaders and replicate their learning. The corporate division now trains over 2,000 people each year with these tools.

  • Record-Breaking Productivity

    A group of 8,000 people used my tool to help generate enough ideas to put them in the Guinness Book of World Records for brainstorming 454,000 ideas in just 60 minutes.

KnowBrainer Innovation Tool Factoids…

  • It took Gerald “Solutionman” Haman almost 10 years to perfect the content of the KnowBrainer because he had to analyze over 700,000 words in the English language to find the top 100 best words to stimulate innovation and creativity.
  • Tests by students at Northwestern University and Wayne State University found that using the KnowBrainer tool increased creativity levels by over 500% verses traditional brainstorming with flip charts.
  • Solution People was awarded BusinessWeek Magazine’s Most Innovative Products of the Year for 2005, 2008 & 2009.
  • The KnowBrainer tool has been used by Nordstrom to brainstorm customer service ideas, Adidas to generate ideas for new basketball shoes, and Generals Mills to create new products.
  • Dow Chemical licensed the KnowBrainer Innovation tool to train over 1,000 people.
  • The KnowBrainer is self-instructional and can be instantly used. However, thousands of people have taken the Accelerated Innovation Training Seminar, which is offered at SolutionPeople’s Chicago Thinkubator.
  • SolutionPeople has developed over 25 different techniques, exercises and activities for the KnowBrainer including “Questionary” and “Flash Planning” and “Brainstorming By Yourself”.
  • The KnowBrainer is the third creativity and innovation tool invented by Gerald “Solutionman” Haman. He has sold over 100,000 of his Innovation tools to people around the world.
  • The KnowBrainer tool has been transformed into a software program for PCs PDAs, IPods and the IPhone for computer-aided brainstorming and ideation.
  • The youngest person to purchase a KnowBrainer was a 6-year old grade school student and the oldest was 87 years old.
  • The KnowBrainer has also been translated into Russian and Spanish, and coming soon Arabic.

Even A 10 Year Old Can Do It…

“My 10-year-old daughter found the KnowBrainer tool and came to me to point out that it was “crazy” and didn’t make any sense. I explained to her what it was and asked, well…made her (remember she’s 10) go through an example of how to use it. 

After about 2 minutes of using a few of KnowBrainer’s pictures and words as stimulus, she generated 15 new thoughts of which we related 8 to her goal. Her goal was come up with an idea for an invention to make for her school invention convention, and she ended up with 2 of which she got very excited about.

As I started to point out how easily this “crazy” tool generated several great ideas, her face turned red because she knew she had complained about it and turned it down before giving it a chance to bring value to her needs.

Don’t make the same mistake. If one 10-year-old child can come up with 8 valuable ideas in 2 minutes, I’m sure your employees can come up with hundreds.”

- David Damico, Director of Ergonomics, Hospital Corporation of America

Innovation is how you make money from creativity…

“You Can Use the Proven KnowBrainer Innovation System to Help You Innovate Better, Faster & Smarter. RESULTS GUARANTEED!”

  • Do You Need Breakthrough Solutions?
  • Do You Want To Be More Innovative?
  • Do You Need Improved Thinking Skills?
  • Do You Want More & Better Ideas in Less Time?
  • Do You Need Time-Saving Tools & Proven Techniques?
  • Do You Desire a Better ROI in These Challenging Economic Times?

“If you answered YES to any of the questions to the left, you should get your hands on the KnowBrainer Innovation System I created. I guarantee your ROI will be significant! It will be the best $97 you’ve ever invested.”
Gerald “SolutionMan” Haman
Founder, SolutionPeople

You Can With the KnowBrainer. Thousands Now Innovate Better, Faster, Smarter Who Never Thought They Possibly Could. And Now You Can Too!

Where Can You Get Your Own KnowBrainer Tool?

Normally, the full KnowBrainer Innovation System sells for $149 and the KnowBrainer costs $97. For a limited time, get the COMPLETE System including the KnowBrainer for only $97! You save over $50 (34%) off the regular cost.

Order KnowBrainer Innovation System & Tools for only $97 by CLICKING HERE

Order KnowBrainers for your teams, employees, families, students and friends. One company ordered 500 tools to distribute at a company meeting and everyone found the tool to be much more valuable than the traditional meeting handouts.

The KnowBrainer’s compact card-deck fan format puts the gift of inspiration for innovation in the palm your hand! Award-winning inventor, Solutionman, will be happy to include an autographed note card with tools ordered as a gift!

Solutionman Gives You His Personal $100 ROI (Return On Ideas) GUARANTEE!

“I want you to be very satisfied with your purchase. If you are unable to generate ideas that are worth at least $100, then return the tool and we will happily refund your original investment.

Plus you can still keep the FREE Bonus Gifts Worth Over $220 described below.”


Gerald “Solutionman” Haman, KnowBrainer Creator, Founder of SolutionPeople Innovation
View My LinkedIn Profile:

BONUS #1 – a $100 Value: Why You Should Order a KnowBrainer TODAY. Receive a Coupon for a FREE 60-Minute Webinar led by Gerald “Solutionman” Haman. Tuition ($100 USD Value) for “Introduction to KnowBrainer Tool & Innovation Techniques” can be redeemed to attend any of the monthly webinars.

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FREE BONUS #2 – a $10 Value: Why You Should Order a KnowBrainer TODAY. Get the portable Idea Fan so you always have a convenient tool for recording your bright ideas. It’s about the same size as the KnowBrainer but has blank cards for recording ideas. Includes tips about “The New 3Rs” for innovators that remind you to Record, Recall & Recycle your ideas!

PS. So if you want to Think Smarter, Faster and Better, transform your personal life, increase your business success and profits, and become more innovative than you ever thought possible, order your personal KnowBrainer right now, and start your new journey towards the innovative life and the personal and financial rewards it brings.

PPS. What will your Return on Investment be with the KnowBrainer?

You may wonder, “Is the KnowBrainer Innovation System really worth $97?”

A survey of 1,000 individual users indicated that 90% of them generated ideas valued at over $1,000 during their first use of the KnowBrainer.

And some KnowBrainer users get a significant ROI.

  • A team from Capital One yielded solutions valued at over $273 million dollars – just by following the KnowBrainer techniques.

  • A team from Valvoline, used the KnowBrainer to generate, in just one session, ideas worth over $100,000,000 dollars (Yes you read that correctly – ONE HUNDRED MILLION!).

  • A team from General Mills, developed a product that was recognized by BusinessWeek as one of the Most Innovative Products of the Year.

  • And a survey of over 1,000 Know Brainer Live Training Workshop graduates revealed that 80% of them generated ideas valued at over $50,000.

So is the KnowBrainer really worth it? Our clients think so. And SolutionPeople is confident you will generate ideas worth much more the small investment of $97.

Every KnowBrainer tool comes with our Return on Ideas Guarantee. If the value of the ideas generated using the KnowBrainer isn´t greater than your investment, we´ll buy it back!

Thousands of people have used the KnowBrainer to develop, sell, market and promote ideas.

If you need to save time or gain time, then the KnowBrainer is for you, your team, or your customers. If you need to increase profits or communicate more value, the KnowBrainer is for you. If you seek more innovation and creativity, or need faster results – this award-winning tool is the solution.

With the KnowBrainer You Will..

  • Improve your brain’s thinking process
  • Use the full power of your whole brain
  • Increase creativity by over 500%
  • Generate a high volume of ideas
  • Develop breakthrough solutions

The Award-Winning “Innovation KnowBrainer” Will Help
You Achieve Goals, Overcome Challenges and Solve Problems
– Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

“With this proven, easy-to-use pocket sized thinking system you can increase your innovation and creativity by a documented 500% plus in 30 minutes or less!”

You Can Now Innovate Better, Faster and Smarter with the KnowBrainer!

Regular Price: $149

Now Only $97 (save 34%)
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Start Using It Immediately…

“Even during the busiest of my days, I am able to consider the KnowBrainer Tool and think about problem identification, creative solutions, evaluation, and action.

I am impressed that the model has stuck with me so long, it is not typical! I have also shared the KnowBrainer with friends, family & colleagues and they are able to pick it up and start using it immediately.”

- Carrie Harnish, Executive Director, Bridging Communities